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PLEASE NOTE:   To be able to ride club trails you must  include a copy of your CURRENT Insurance Card and CURRENT Registration Card for all ATV’s to be used on the club trails, along with your application.




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Name: The name of this organization will be, All Terrain Vehicle Trail Riders Advocating Conservation To Increase Opportunities Nationwide (ATV TRACTION).


Vision: To have a system which addresses the issues and opportunities facing people concerned with creating a positive future for ATV recreation.

Mission: Create a forum through which ATV enthusiasts and their supporters can share information and experiences, participate in educational opportunities, and become partners in creating a positive image of the sport.

1. To conserve the existing riding opportunities we have.
2. Develop a large system of trails to be enjoyed by ourselves and future generations.
3. Promote a positive public image for the sport with land managers, government officials, and the general public.
4. Develop partnerships with land owners to help them recognize that ATV use can be managed effectively.
5. Ensure that all ATV enthusiasts are aware of the impact of their actions on the sport.
6. Provide ongoing educational opportunities and safety training.

Values: We Value...
1. ATV recreation as a social experience which strengthens family relationships as kids and adults alike share their enthusiasm for the sport.
2. The opportunity for outdoor recreation in many different environments.
3. ATV recreation as a social opportunity for all age groups to participate in a healthy and enjoyable activity.


Membership: The membership shall consist of riders of ATV's, persons actively concerned with the future of ATV's, and ATV enthusiasts. Membership in this organization shall be determined on a non- discriminatory basis, without regard for age, sex, race, color, religion, or national origin. Membership shall be ongoing, subject to termination for good cause, as determined by the Executive Committee and the established policies of the organization.

*** a) amendment dated 9/25/2016  If a member has been warned three times by any chapter President, about their conduct at any event or meeting held by ATV Traction Inc. The executive board of the chapter in which the said member has joined, shall vote to file a complaint for removal of membership of that member with the corporate board.

The Corporate Executive board will then vote on the removal of membership of said member and report back to that chapter’s president with the results of the final vote. If it has been voted to remove the member, the corporate secretary will then mail out a letter to said member as follows:


To: Member’s name


    Complaints were received by the Corporate Board requesting termination of your membership with ATV Traction Inc.


 The Executive Committee has voted, and granted the termination of your membership effective date:

 Included with this letter is a refund of your last paid membership dues.



Corporate Board

Atv Traction Inc.


Structure: The direction, actions, and business of this organization shall be primarily affected through the Executive Committee. In turn, the Executive Committee will be influenced and advised by groups of volunteer committees and action teams. The standing committees and teams will be as follows:

Executive Committee of Officers
The Executive Committee shall have the ultimate authority for the direction and activities of this organization. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the following:

1. The President
2. The Vice President
3. The Secretary
4. The Treasurer
5. Five members at large designated as Advisors

Trail Advisory Committee
The trail advisory committee shall investigate the need for new trails, aid in the procurement of permission to build those trails, and inspect trails when damage is reported. The committee will advise the Executive Committee of projects needed in these areas and recommend appropriate action.

Trail Action Team
This team will be comprised of members who enjoy trail cutting and repair projects, and have access to the tools necessary to complete such tasks. When the need arises for trail maintenance and projects, these members will be called first, only those willing to ride rough terrain and get dirty need apply.

Public Relations Committee
This committee is responsible for promoting a positive public image of this organization, its mission and goals, and the sport of ATV-ing in general. They will oversee community projects, appear and speak in public, and advertise and promote events held by the organization.

Resource Development
This team shall be responsible for generating and attracting financial and other resources, needed to sustain this organization, and its activities.

Membership Committee
Shall have the responsibility for recruiting members, utilizing members in appropriate positions, establishing membership policies, and correcting members performance as appropriate. This committee will oversee the annual elections by coordinating, implementing the act of, and posting the results of these elections.

Ad Hoc Committees
Shall be designated and defined by the Executive Committee under the direction of the President.


All Executive Committee members shall be elected by vote at an annual meeting to be held each year. All Officers and Advisors shall hold office for a term of two years, or until their successors are elected. The President, Treasurer, and two Advisors, shall be elected in even numbered years. The Vice President, Secretary, and three Advisors, shall be elected in odd numbered years. The President shall fill, by appointment, unexpired, vacant positions. If the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice President shall fill the unexpired term, and appoint a new Vice President. Should both Presidential positions become vacant at the same time, the remaining Executive Committee members shall fill the positions by majority rule.


The President shall have primary responsibility for the legal and financial affairs of this organization. The president shall preside at all meetings of the association and the Executive Committee. The President shall appoint ad-hoc committees as necessary. The duties shall include assisting Officers and Advisors, as well as members, in promoting their interests in club activities. The President shall vote only in the event that the Executive Committee should need a tie breaker.

The Vice President shall perform all the duties of the President in the absence of the President. It is the responsibility of the Vice President to keep current on the affairs of the organization, to fill in for the President, and assist in the duties of the President when asked. The Vice President shall also be the lead officer on the Trail Advisory Committee.

The Secretary shall keep a record of the meetings of the organization in a minute's book provided for that purpose. The Secretary shall be responsible for the legal records of this organization, and perform other duties that generally fall to this office. The Secretary shall also be the lead officer on the membership committee.

The Treasurer shall have the primary responsibility for the financial records of the organization. The Treasurer shall oversee and record collection of dues and all other monies due the organization. The duties also include, in a timely fashion, to pay lawful expenses authorized by the Executive Committee. This shall include presenting the Board with a financial statement at each meeting, and to the general membership at the annual meeting. At the discretion of the Executive Committee, the treasurer's books will be subject to an annual audit by a committee appointed by the President consisting of non-Executive Committee members. The Treasurer shall also be the lead Officer on the Resource Development Committee.

The duties of the Five Advisors shall be as determined and supervised by the Executive Committee of Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), on an ongoing basis. This will include leading the activities of ad-hoc committees, being available to answer questions from the general membership, and to keep up to date with the activities of the organization in general.


The Executive Committee shall meet at any time deemed appropriate by the President or five members of the Executive Committee. The committee meetings may involve assembling in one place, or by telephone conference call. Five members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for making all decisions affecting club activities. From time to time, matters may arise that call for immediate action. In such a case, the President shall poll the Executive Committee and take action on the matter as directed by majority vote of the members of the Executive Committee.


The fiscal year of this organization shall be the calendar year, from January 1st to December 31st.


These by-laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of those members present at the regular annual meeting. The proposed changes must be posted in advance, either through a direct mailing to all members, or via the web site, to allow sufficient time for the general membership to review such proposed changes.


This organization may be disbanded and dissolved by a 2/3 majority vote of the general membership, upon determination that the organization is no longer viable or effective in achieving its vision, mission, or purpose. Upon dissolution, and after satisfying all legal and financial obligations and liabilities, the Executive Committee shall donate all remaining assets of this organization to another organization of similar mission and purpose.



A) Purpose of Amendment: Further define the term "by reason of an increase in the number of Directors".

B) Additional Statement: Vacancies occurring on the Board of Directors. Additional Directors may be appointed by a majority vote of the existing Board of Directors for purposes including, but not limited to:
     1) More representation needed as membership grows
     2) Representation needed in areas geographically distant from the main office
     3) Representation required for chapter organizations linked to ATV Traction Inc.

Purpose: To define Subordinate Chapters and account for their representation on the Board of Directors.

A) Approval for Subordinate Chapters: Subordinate Chapters of ATV Traction Inc. may be formed when approval is given by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

B) Structure and Government
1) Subordinate Chapters will be governed by the Bylaws of this corporation and will conduct business affairs separate from the main office under those guidelines.
2) Proposed Chapters will elect and maintain their own Board of Directors in accordance with said Bylaws.

C) Amending Bylaws
Subordinate Chapters may amend the corporate Bylaws to tailor them to their specific needs. This may only be done in accordance with the Bylaws, and then with the approval of the majority of the Board of Directors of the main office.


D) Representation
Subordinate Chapters will be given representation on the Board of Directors of the main office. Each Chapter will be given one position of Director on the Board for each 100 members in their Chapter with a minimum of one. (i.e. 0-199 members= 1 Director; 200-299 members= 2 Directors, 300-399 members=3 Directors). These Directors will be elected by the Subordinate Chapter or appointed by a majority rule of their Board of Directors. The main office will keep membership totals and adjust representation as required by these Bylaws.


E) Financial
All members of Subordinate Chapters will complete a membership application and remit, along with annual dues, to the main office. The main office will then retain all or a portion of those dues for administrative costs. The dispersal of membership funds will be as agreed by main office and Subordinate Chapter, and will be adjusted from time to time. All fund-raising efforts of Subordinate Chapters will remain within their Chapter for use as they deem appropriate.

*** a) amendment dated 1/25/2013 Sponsor membership Fee’s as of October 4th 2013, A chapter shall receive $95.00 of each $100 Sponsor fee collected for that chapter, the remaining $5.00 shall go to Corporate for processing cost.

*** b) As of January 1st 2014 each chapter shall receive $5.00 for each membership that has joined or renewal.

during the year.

***amendment dated 9/27/2014 Affected January 1st 2015 membership refund to each chapter has been changed from $5.00 to $20.00 (Board members and free chapter memberships shall not count).

***c) Affected January 1st 2015 each chapter shall be responsible for mileage for any Corporate board member in said chapter.

*** d) Amendment dated 10/12/2013

Corporate shall pay $400 to the chapter that hosts a Corporate ride/meeting.

Corporate shall pay $150 to the chapter that host a club ride, each chapter shall be able to host one  club ride per year to receive the $150 from corporate, and any club ride after that is up to the chapter. All said rides will need a 30 day notice. Starting date shall be Jan 1st 2014.

*** e) Amendment dated 9/26/2015 the amount for a chapter to hold a Corporate meeting/ride has been changed from $400 to $200, and a club ride from $150 to $200.

F) Forfeiture / Removal of Chapter Status
If at any time a Subordinate Chapter wishes to forfeit their status as such, it may do so in writing with an addendum stating specific reasons and the signatures of all of their Directors (unanimous vote required). In doing so the Subordinate Chapter relinquishes all membership monies paid to the main office, and all members of that Chapter forfeit their rights as ATV Traction members. In the event any members of that Chapter wish to remain active ATV Traction members, they may request a transfer of their membership to either another Chapter, or the main office. In the event the main office deems that a Chapters actions or practices are detrimental to the corporation, they may withdraw that Chapters status as such. In doing so, the Subordinate Chapter will lose all rights and affiliation with ATV Traction Inc. The members of removed Chapter will be notified in writing, and given the same options as listed above. Before such action is taken, the Board of Directors of the Chapter will be notified of the decision. This is meant to give the opportunity to correct detrimental activities. Before Chapter status is revoked, the membership of said Chapter will be notified via US Mail or E-Mail of the detrimental activities to afford them the opportunity to resolve infrastructure problems. Financially, removal of status and forfeiture have the same impact.

G) Transfer of Membership
Any member of ATV Traction Inc. whether of the main office, or Subordinate Chapters, may request a membership transfer from one Chapter to another. A nominal fee may be charged for administrating transfers, to be set by the Board of Directors of the main office and adjusted from time to time.


Added to By-Laws September 27th 2008

1) Robert's Rule of Order:

It has been agreed upon by the Corporate Board and it's committee that in the case of all Disciplinary actions involving chapter or membership, and if the Board cannot come to a decision: Roberts rule of Order will be followed.


2) Meeting attendance of the Corporate Board:

It is the responsibility of all officers of the Corporate Board to attend all Corporate meetings, in the case of excused  absence, the officer must have an alternate in place to stand in for him/her to voice the concerns of the chapters, and to vote in the case of the advisors absence.


3) Meetings of the Corporate Board shall be held on the last Saturday of January, April, and September, with

the July meeting falling on the 3rd Saturday along with the annual ride.

*** a) amendment dated 9/26/2015, The September Meeting Date for the 2016 meeting has been changed to the last Sunday of the month.


4) All chapters are required to have a monthly meeting for its membership unless previously discussed and agreed upon by it's membership.  


These are now a complete and final set of By-Laws as read and agreed upon by the Executive Committee  of Officers.

Each year at the annual September meeting the By-Laws can be opened and changed as required.





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