Preserving our sport for generations to come

ATV Traction Inc. was founded by a group of concerned riders in Erie County in 2001. The organization is comprised of ATV riders, business owners whose livelihood depends on ATV related sales and those concerned with promoting a positive future for ATV recreation. ATV Traction Inc. is registered as a non-profit corporation in Pennsylvania and has been awarded 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the Federal Government.
In the time since its creation, ATV Traction has grown to become one of Pennsylvania's largest and most influential ATV organizations, working with local communities, the Allegheny National Forest and the DCNR.

Uniting as many riders as possible under one charter will help to make ATV Traction more influential and help to expand our riding opportunities. We currently have 3 trail systems located in McKean, Mercer, Venango counties and we're always looking for opportunities to expand. These trails are open only to club members and are open at the owners discretion. ATV Tractions trails are normally closed through the hunting seasons and when trail degradation is highest, October through January.

You do not have to be a club member to visit us at a chapter meeting.   Pick a Chapter that is close to you and drop in and see what we are all about.  Any member of any chapter is welcome at another chapter's meeting.  Check the Chapter links for meeting times and  dates


 We are ALL ATV Traction, and you are always welcome to join in.


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